Digital photography heralded a new era for photographers. In the past fifteen years the number of photographs captured by individuals has increased exponentially.The result today is that hundreds of thousands of people, including professional, semi-progessional and prosumer photographers, have multiplying hundreds of photographs on their computer systems.
These are often loaded without structure and finding a specific image can be frustrating, time consuming, and sometimes even a futile exercise.

Add to this the fact that cameras, even the most sophisticated, are unable to capture exactly what the eye can see.

Finally, most of us have a creative talent which can be expressed through photography, but how do we accomplish this?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a programme that could assist us in these aspects?
– one that could help us to store, categorise, sort and find images easily
– one that enables enhancing images in a practical but very professional manner
– one that allows the application of creative techniques resulting in a creative rendition of our photographs

All this, and more, is covered by a programme designed specifically for the multiple needs of the photographer, whether professional or not. The programme is Lightroom (currently Lightroom 3)

More? Lightroom does more?
Yes, Lightroom also facilitates publishing your images … In a slideshow, on the web, or you can use any of the multiple templates to print images in a most professional way.

When you learn how to use Lightroom effectively and efficiently you truly become the master of your own photography.

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